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NinjAcademy Parent Portal

Please add your credit card information through the parent portal. Make sure you have reviewed our make-up policy and cancellation policy as we are quite strict about them. If at any time you  need to cancel your membership just make sure to let us know by the 15th of the prior month. Information on how to use the parent portal is below!


Parent Portal: On the parent portal you will be able to update your payment information, contact information, or student information as well as log absences and schedule make-ups. You must log an absence a minimum of 24hrs in advance in order for it to be eligible for a make-up. It is also important to note that the system will not let you schedule your make-up until the absence date is 5 days away. Once you are within that 5 day window, you will then be able to schedule your make-up for any available class within 30 days of your missed class date. Finally, you can’t schedule or cancel make-ups day-of. 


Access: To access the parent portal, simply follow the link below, click “ forgot password”, enter your email, and then follow the link emailed to you. If your email is not working or you receive an error message, check with us to make sure we have the correct email on file for you. Here is the portal link: Parent Portal


Scheduling Make-Ups: Go to the hamburger menu and select absences and make-ups. From here you can either submit an absence or choose from the list of absences you have already submitted. For the absences that have a “yes” in the "eligible for make-up?" column you should see on that line in green letters "schedule makeup". Click "schedule makeup" and it will provide you with all available make-up times. As a reminder, you will be unable to schedule a make-up until you are within 5 days of the date of your scheduled absence. 

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