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Charter School Schedule

At NinjAcademy we are excited to partner with the local charter schools.

(click here to be taken to the new charter student enrollment form)

Charter school funds can only be used for classes between the hours of 8am and 2pm Monday-Friday and must be ordered to cover an entire semester or classes. NinjAcademy offers 3 semesters to choose from:


September: Standalone month separate from semesters (purchase order must be received by August 24th)

Fall Semester: October, November, and December (purchase order must be received by September 24th)

Winter Semester: January, February, and March (purchase order must be received by December 24th)

Spring Semester: April, May, and June (purchase order must be received by March 24th)

*Mid-semester enrollments are not permitted. If you wish to enroll in class mid-semester, tuition fees must be paid out of pocket until the start of the following semester.

*For the Winter Semester it is important to make sure you get the purchase order in early as the Christmas holiday may delay some orders!)

If you are interested in enrolling in one of the following classes, please email us for information regarding a free trial. Free trials must be scheduled and purchase orders must be received a minimum of 1 week prior to the start of the semester. See above for the exact deadlines.

Below is information on current class availability, enrollment details, and pricing policies. In order to secure a spot as a trial, email complete the form below and sign the Student Waiver.


4-5yr old Class Availability 


6-7yr old Class Availability 


8-9yr old Class Availability 


10-12yr old Class Availability 


Teen Class Availability 

Charter School Form

Please complete the form below to request a free trial or to enroll your returning student!

Thanks! Message sent.

Enrollment Policy

Enrollment. Class tuition fees vary from $95-$285, are charged by semester, and cover enrollment for approximately 4 classes per month. The standard semester price is $285 covering 3 consecutive months of tuition. While most months offer 4 classes, some months will offer 5 classes and other months will offer only 3 classes.  Classes must have a minimum of 3 students enrolled to remain open. Proof of guaranteed payment must be provided by the charter school a minimum of 7 days prior to the start of a semester. Mid-semester enrollment is not permitted. Parent understands that NinjAcademy will not provide any refunds or tuition reimbursement once a semester has begun.

Pricing and Policies.  It is the Parent’s responsibility to ensure NinjAcademy receives the purchase order 7 days prior to the start of the semester. If NinjAcademy does not receive the purchase order before the start of the semester, NinjAcademy will require payment from the parent via a debit or credit card. If no proof of charter school funding is provided and Parent has not informed NinjAcademy of their desire to cancel their enrollment (following the cancellation requirements and timelines listed in section 10 of the student contract), then the card on file will be charged on the first of the month. If a card is not on file and the parent or financially responsible party does not provide a payment method promptly, they will be subject to the late fee penalties. For students to continue their enrollment, the organization providing their funding must reimburse NinjAcademy within 30days of the invoice date (with the exception of Sage Oak Charter School who will provide funding at the end of each semester).  Parent understands that NinjAcademy is unable to provide reimbursement for classes once the semester has already started.  Parent understands that to use charter funds they are making an enrollment commitment for the entire semester. Parent understands that if they do not use their provided funding within the timeframe stated on their purchase order, that Student’s funding will expire and NinjAcademy will be unable to provide reimbursement.

  • September as a stand-alone month outside of the semester system. (PO Deadline: 08/24)

  • Fall Semester: October, November, and December (PO Deadline: 09/24)

  • Winter Semester: January, February, and March (PO Deadline: 12/24)

  • Spring Semester: April, May, and June (PO Deadline: 03/24)

Pricing and Policies
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