NinjAcademy Cancellation Policy


If you need to cancel your ongoing enrollment, inform NinjAcademy of your cancellation a minimum of 7 days prior to the next billing cycle. NinjAcademy is unable to process refunds once the month's tuition has been charged. The notification must be emailed to or submitted via the form below.

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Section 10a - Student Enrollment Agreement

Class enrollment which is cancelled with less than one week notice prior to the next bill date, may be subject to pay up to 1 weeks’ worth of tuition. ... If you cancel more than one week prior to the next billing cycle, no fees will be associated with the cancellation. ... If your cancellation (missed class or monthly enrollment) is due to an unexpected illness, then the cancellation policy might not be enforced. This decision will be made by the manager responsible for the Facility.

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Section 10a - Student Enrollment Agreement

Classes which are cancelled with less than twenty-four hours notification may have no makeup lesson provided. ... If you cancel more than twenty-four hours in advance, a make-up lesson may be provided for you depending on availability but is not guaranteed.  If a make-up class is offered, Student must use their make-up within two weeks of the date of their missed class.