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Welcome to NinjAcademy!
Our goal is to consistently empower students to pursue excellence. If you are interested in coming in for a free trial, contact us below!


Who We Are

Our Background & Philosophy

My name is Kevin Spooner and I am the owner of NinjAcademy. I am a 4th degree black belt, I’ve trained with the Korean Olympic Taekwondo team, and most recently I’ve had the opportunity to test the American Ninja Warrior courses while working as a ninja athletics coach for both kids and adults.  In our fast-paced world today I’ve noticed two things;

1) many of our children struggle to maintain focus whether at school or at home, and

2) often they lack the necessary mental tools needed to nurture self-discipline in their lives.


At NinjAcademy we have designed a program which focuses on introducing and training these essential skills by using obstacle course athletics and foundational gymnastic movement.  We provide a dynamic physical environment which equips our students with an unshakeable foundation of strength, agility, and coordination.  Most importantly, our goal is to empower our students with not only the strength of body for healthy living but also the strength of mind to maintain focus and confront challenges with confidence.  In all we do we want to encourage our students to pursue excellence in all areas of their lives.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit!” – Quote by Aristotle paraphrased by Will Durant


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Address: 2341 Michael Drive, Newbury Park, CA

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